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Androstenone Explained by Topic: Androstenone
ANDROSTENONE ( 5 ALPHA ANDROST-16 EN-3-ONE ) seems to be the very essence of aggression or dominance in man. Gentlemen spray themselves - to gain additional respect, thereby appearing more domineering, intimidating or more alpha male. Research has proven if you take a row of identical chairs and spr...
Published: Wednesday 07 December, 2005
Androstenol Explained by Topic: Androstenol
Androstenol pheromone explained and researched ANDROSTENOL ( 5 ALPHA ANDROST-16 EN-3 ALPHA-OL ) is an interesting chemical in this field. A group of test subjects were shown exactly the same photographs and the results were different in the presence of ANDROSTENOL , men and women were judged to appe...
Published: Wednesday 07 December, 2005
Androstenol as a Pheromone Promoting Pillow Talk by Edward M. Miller Topic: Androstenol
It does appear that human males are designed to emit androstenol and human females exposed to 5a-16-androsten-3a-ol (androstenol) overnight interact more with males than unexposed females do. The experimental procedure involved having students wear overnight a necklace designed to release androsteno...
Published: Wednesday 07 December, 2005
What is Androstenone (-none) by Topic: Androstenone
Androstenone (5a-androst-16-en-3-one) is a pheromone steroid found in human sweat. People initially unable to smell the pheromone actually learn to detect it after repeated exposure to the smell.
Published: Wednesday 07 December, 2005
How Pheromone Products Work by Topic: Pheromones
Pheromones make people seem attractive, sexy and they never have any trouble meeting people especially the opposite sex. Pheromones are chemical messages from other people that have an affect on us often that effect is attraction.
Published: Tuesday 06 December, 2005
Do Pheromones Work by Danna Schneider Topic: Pheromones
Pheromone human sixth sense of a sexual attraction hormone smells. For whatever reason, certain people may emit more of this mysterious scent, and consequently they receive noticeably more attention and curiosity from the opposite sex.
Published: Tuesday 06 December, 2005
Gay mens brains react like womens in pheromone study by RANDOLPH SCHMID Topic: Pheromones
Gay mens brains respond differently from those of heterosexual males when exposed to pheromones such as testosterone. When exposed to pheromones the brains active in sexual activity activated in straight women and in gay men but not in straight men, the researchers found
Published: Tuesday 06 December, 2005
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